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Dec. 9th, 2007 | 12:19 pm
posted by: notalecto in hoggiewarts

 Who: Amycus and Open
When: Sunday Afternoon
Where: The bridge (the one Remus and Harry are talking on in the movie)
What: Nothing as of yet.  Just putting him out there to interaction

Amycus pulled on the end of his Slytherin scarf, pulling it away from his mouth.  It was getting colder, there is no doubt about that.  The air felt crisp, and had the smell of snow to it.  He adjusted his knit cap, pushing a few strands of dark hair under the cap.  He could not wait for the holidays, a break from this foresaken place.

Still no word on what was happening for the holidays though, were they going away? Were they staying at Hogwarts? Or were things going on at home?  He made a mental note to ask Alecto if she had heard anything.  For now, he just wanted to enjoy the weather and time without his sister nagging him about nonsense.  She could be such a girl sometimes.

The Slytherin leaned his back against a pillar and slid down it, sitting on the cold rocks that made the bridge connecting the castle.   He brought along his sketch pad, and looked around for something to begin sketching.

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