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A random hallway - open to anyone

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Feb. 28th, 2008 | 09:39 pm
mood: distresseddistressed
posted by: naveevan in hoggiewarts

Evan didn't know where he was going. He had been in his dorm, and then he had left. Beyond that, all he knew was that the scenery in the halls of of the dungeons paled in comparison to his reflection in the lovely little mirror he was never without. His feet remembered turning some corners and walking up some stairs, but even they were a little distracted, encased in new blue leather shoes.

Big blue-grey eyes stared into themselves, then down down down the curve of his nose, then - oh! - what beautiful lips he had! If only he could kiss them, for real, without the cold, flat glass of reality pushing up against his face!

Suddenly - smash! The mirror collided with a stone pillar (one of the many things Evan had failed to see) and turned into a cracked mess. He didn't have to stare at the distorted version of his face for long before letting out a horrified scream.

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from: naveevan
date: Mar. 4th, 2008 02:21 am (UTC)

Evan was glad Izzie seemed to know what to do in this situation. He patted Emma's shoulder then withdrew his hand. "I hope they do find her," he said. "I lost my parents when I was a baby...but I never knew them so it doesn't really compare."

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